Set Sail 4 - Activity Book

Autor: Evans V., Gray E.  /  Vydavatel: Express Publishing s.a.
The Set Sail! Series focuses on getting young learners to enjoy communicating in English through a wide variety of activities in all four skills. Its pupil-centred approach motivates young learners, thus ensuring a positive experience in the English language classroom. In Set Sail! 4 pupils are exposed to across-the-curriculum sections which increase their level of engagement and improve their learning as pupils interact with their classmates, teachers, and members of the community while exploring other subject areas. Key Features presentation of vocabulary through colour flashcards and posters new language presented through lively dialogues and interesting texts songs, chants and games projects and guided authentic writing tasks craftwork cut-outs a look at life in English-speaking countries revision and evaluation at the end of each module cross-curricular sections full-colour Activity Book with stickers and Board Games step-by-step interleaved Teacher´s Book with additional activities and games (Kids´ Corner) fully animated DVDs / DVD-ROMs puppet (Chuckles)
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EAN: 9781845582418
Žánr: Angličtina -
Edice: Set Sail
Počet stran: 92
Formát: A4
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Set Sail