Smart Talk 1 Listening & Speaking Skills - Teacher´s Key

Autor:  /  Vydavatel: Express Publishing s.a.
Smart Talk 1 Listening & Speaking Skills is an exciting, three-level listening- and speaking- skills series designed for young students of English. The series guides learners along their road to fluency with lessons that are fun-filtered and relevant to their daily lives. Learners' confidence and ability soar as they follow the lives of Tom, his sister Sally, and an uforgettable cast of family, friends and their adorable pets. Each level contains charming, full-color illustrations. The series provides ample opportunity for young learners to listen and speak in English, with exercises specifically designed to bring apprehensive students out of their shells. Unique, classroom-proven activities keep young learners engaged from page one and hold their attention as they progress through the series. Features: foul-color illustrations throughout fresh and exciting listening and speaking activities progressive lesson structure that builds on prior knowledge real-world English with relevance to learners' everyday lives A final test in each level
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