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Jsme s Vámi od roku 1992

Firma INFOA vznikla v roce 1992 jako knižní nakladatelství. Již od svého vzniku se zaměřila především na jazykovědné publikace. Více zde »

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Showtime Readers 1 Peter Pan - TB

Showtime Readers 1 Peter Pan - TB

The Express Publishing Showtime Readers is a brand new series of books at four levels, which introduce students to classic children´s stories in English, using a unique approach with special emphasis on dramatisation. Students first enjoy the story as a reading text in several two-page episodes with beautiful illustrations. Each episode is accompanied by language activities to help comprehension and consolidate learning. The same story is then brought to life as a complete musical play which students can perform at the end of the school year. Each reader includes a biography of the author, a brief summary of the plot, character descriptions and a picture dictionary. The accompanying audio CDs provide a fully-dramatised recording of both the reading text and the play, together with all songs, incidental music and sound effects. The Teacher´s book includes a key to the reading activities, plus the playscript with full stage directions, sheet music and lyrics for all the songs, as well as detailed suggestions about choreography, set design and construction, costumes and more. For classes without sufficient time to stage a full production of the play, there are charming cutout characters to be used in a "puppet theatre" presentation. Wendy Darling lives with her parents and two younger brothers in London. One night she has an unexpected visitor, Peter Pan the boy who refuses to grow up, along with his Fairy Tinkerbell. Peter Pan takes the kids to the magical world of Neverland where they meet The Lost Boys and face Captain Cook, a terrible pirate who's after Peter Pan. Who will be the winner?

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