Secondary Level 3: The Lost Chronicles part 2 - book+CD

Autor:  /  Vydavatel: MG- četba
The survivors of the Oceanic Flight 815 crash are finding life on the island difficult and dangerous. And every day there are new mysteries … What is inside the strange hatch in the forest? Who are ‘The Others’ and why did they take Claire? And will Michael ever manage to build his boat and bring rescuers to the island?
Dostupnost zboží: Skladem 2 ks
339 Kč s DPH
170 Kč s DPH
EAN: 9781905775729
Žánr: Angličtina - Cizojazyčná četba
Edice: Scholastic ELT Readers - Level 3
Formát: 130x200 mm
Vazba: měkká
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Scholastic ELT Readers - Level 3