Secondary Level 1: Billy Elliot - book

Autor:  /  Vydavatel: MG- četba
Billy is 11 years old, and he’s got problems. His mum’s dead. His dad and his brother are on strike and they’ve got no money. But Billy has a dream. He wants to be a dancer. Every week he goes to dance classes. He wants to audition for the Royal Ballet School. But how can he tell his family?
Dostupnost zboží: Skladem 2 ks
185 Kč s DPH
EAN: 9781904720249
Žánr: Angličtina - Cizojazyčná četba
Edice: Scholastic ELT Readers - Level 1
Formát: 130x200 mm
Vazba: měkká
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Scholastic ELT Readers - Level 1