Scholastic - 100 English Lessons: Planning Guide

Autor: Catherine Baker  /  Vydavatel: Scholastic
100 Lessons is Scholastic's best-selling series to support primary teachers with curriculum change. This new planning guide will support teachers with their planning in preparation to deliver the new curriculum for English to be taught in schools from 2014. This title covers Years 1 to 6 including: long-term planning providing a yearly overview; progression throughout each year; medium-term planning - providing a weekly breakdown for each half term including topic, attainment targets and outcomes; and key background subject knowledge. This material is all provided on CD-ROM in an editable word document format.
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EAN: 9781407128399
Žánr: Angličtina - Materiály pro učitele
Edice: 100 English Lessons (2014 Curriculum)
Počet stran: 64
Formát: 210x297
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