Linguadice - R - Ekskursija po Rossii

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Экскурсия по России is a language game aimed at learning Russian through popular symbols of the Russian Federation (places, characters, cultural heritage, monuments of history, cuisine, lifestyle elements). The game is for anyone who wants to broaden their knowledge of Russian in a relaxed and stress-free environment and get to know basic information about the popular symbols of Russia. Details AGE RANGE: Children from 8 years of age, adolescents, adults. LANGUAGE LEVEL: A2-B1 CONTENT: 8 colourful cardboard dice, 4,5cm x 4,5cm each; manual in Russian covering methodical remarks. Educational goals learning the geography, civilization and culture of historical and modern Russia learning vocabulary and expressions describing the presented symbols developing conversation skills
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Žánr: Ruština - Jazykové hry
Edice: Linguadice
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