Learners - More Proverbs in Action 1

Autor: David Pickering  /  Vydavatel: Scholastic
More Proverbs in Action is a two-book series which presents 120 new proverbs (60 per book) as a follow up to Proverbs in Action. Each proverb is clearly explained with a definition, example sentences, and a humourous, contextual cartoon in plain everyday English. This unique approach promotes reading and deepens understanding, making the learning of what can be a tricky topic fun and effective for learners of all levels.
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EAN: 9789810781675
Žánr: Angličtina - Gramatika a slovní zásoba
Edice: In Action - Learners
Počet stran: 125
Formát: A5
Vazba: paperback
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In Action - Learners