Incredible Five 1 - Teacher´s Resource Pack & Tests

Autor: Jenny Dooley, Virginia Evans  /  Vydavatel: Express Publishing s.a.
Incredible 5 is a brand new three-level amazing course for learners of English at beginner to pre-intermediate level. This highly motivating series will fully engage students and put them at the heart of learning! Key Features: - captivating dialogues that motivate and intrigue students - all four language skills develped systematically in every lesson - inspiring texts and contextualised activities that promote values and active learning - catchy songs and chants - skills work sections enable students to think critically and use their creativity to master the art of writing - Across Cultures & CLIL sections - Go Green sections, promoting environmental awareness - Myths & Legends: a fascinating section where learners are immersed in a world of fantasy & mystery - cartoon strips to promote reading for pleasure - all-inclusive, easy-to-use Teacher´s Book (interleaved) - Teacher´s Resource Pack with reinforcement and extension activities
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EAN: 9781471511714
Žánr: Angličtina - Učebnice pro 2. stupeň ZŠ a SŠ
Edice: Incredible 5
Formát: 280x220
Vazba: paperbook
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Incredible 5