ELI - A - Young adult 2 - Three men in a Boat - readers (do vyprodání zásob)

Autor: Jerome K. Jerome  /  Vydavatel: ELI s.r.l.
Three Men in a Boat is a humorous book that will make you laugh while it gives you a view of Victorian England and the Thames. In this Reader you will find: Information about Jerome k. Jerome's life, Focus on sections: Jerome's Life, The Thames, Magna CartàP>Three friends, George, Harris and J. decide they need a holiday and plan to go on a trip on the river. J. tells the story of that two-week trip. He includes funny stories from past trips and stories he has heard. He also gives us historical and geographical information about the places they pass or stay in.
Dostupnost zboží: Skladem 2 ks
323 Kč s DPH
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EAN: 9788853620262
Žánr: Angličtina - Cizojazyčná četba
Edice: Young Adult Eli Readers
Počet stran: 96
Formát: A5
Vazba: paperback
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