ELI - A - Young 3 - Uncle Jack and the Meerkats - readers + CD

Autor: Jane Cadwallader  /  Vydavatel: ELI s.r.l.
Six baby meerkats sad and far from home! Uncle Jack and the children come to the rescue! When Uncle Jack and the children find some homesick baby meerkats they decide to take them home to the Kalahari Desert. Getting there is easy in Uncle Jack’s balloon. But the desert is a dangerous place. Can they keep them safe? Tags Animals Adventure - Games and language activities - An audio recording of the story and the song - A picture dictionary Syllabus Vocabulary areas Animals, nature, feelings, town Grammar and structures Past simple regular and irregular forms Verb + infinitive Verb + -ing Could Must for obligation Shall for obligation Adverbs: never, sadly, a lot Comparatives / superlatives: better best
Dostupnost zboží: Skladem 5 ks
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EAN: 9788853606273
Žánr: Angličtina - Cizojazyčná četba
Edice: Young Eli Readers
Počet stran: 32
Formát: A5
Vazba: měkká
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