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Autor: Charles Dickens  /  Vydavatel: ELI s.r.l.
The story traces the life of David Copperfield from childhood to maturity. In this Reader you will find: information about Charles Dickens Tags Family | Friendship | Love | Adventure David Copperfield looks back on the first twenty-five years of his life. He is only eight years old when his mother, a young pretty widow, remarries. Unfortunately Mr Murdstone is not a good husband or father. David is sent away to school and only returns home when tragedy strikes. Unloved and unwanted, he is sent to work in a factory. But David is a resourceful boy and determines to find a better life for himself. Syllabus Tenses Present simple: states, habits, Past simple: finished time, Past continuous: actions in progress at a specific time, in past, interrupted actions, Present perfect simple: indefinite past, unfinished past, Past perfect: narrative, Futures: will/shall, present continuous Verb forms Imperatives, Passives: present, past simple, Gerunds: after verbs, prepositions Conditionals: 1st conditional: possible present/future, 2nd conditional: hypothetical present/future Reported speech statements, questions, commands Modals Can, could: ability, permission, May, might: possibility, permission, Must, have to: obligation, Defining, non-defining clauses, Purpose clauses Linkers So + adjective, such (a) + adjective + noun
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