ELI - A - Teen 1 - A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court - readers + CD

Autor: Mark Twain  /  Vydavatel: ELI s.r.l.
This novel tells the story of Hank Morgan, the boss of a factory in late 19th century Connecticut, who awakens to find himself transported back in time to early medieval England at the time of the legendary King Arthur. One day, while Hank Morgan is working, a man attacks him and hits him on the head. When Hank wakes up he is in sixth century England. He is at the Court of King Arthur where he meets the Knights of the Round Table and Queen Guenever. Thanks to his superior knowledge, Hank soon becomes the King’s chief minister and plans to modernise the country, but things do not always go according to plan… Tags Fantasy | Legend | Adventure | Love In this Reader you will find: Games and language activities | An audio recording of the story Syllabus Verb tenses: Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past Simple, Past Continuous, Present Perfect, Past Perfect, To be going to, Conditional. Modal verbs: Can, could, have to, will. Conjunctions: and , but, then, because, when. Relative Pronouns: which, who, where, when, that, whose. Lexical areas:
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EAN: 9788853607751
Žánr: Angličtina - Cizojazyčná četba
Edice: Teen Eli Readers
Počet stran: 63
Formát: A5
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