Collins Pocket Business Dictionary

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Collins Pocket Business English Dictionary is the ideal reference for anybody who uses English for business. This handy, pocket-sized dictionary contains all the words and phrases you need to succeed in today's business world and to communicate with confidence in every situation. This dictionary contains up-to-date information on all the words and phrases used in international business, in both American and British English. As well as key business terms, the dictionary also contains a number of general English terms, which will enable users to communicate in all situations, whether in a business meeting or socializing with colleagues. This means that this is the only dictionary they need to carry with them. Definitions are written using simple language and are easy to understand. Examples, showing how words are used in business situations, are taken from the Collins Business Corpus. Collocations boxes show users how to build natural-sounding sentences in English. The dictionary also contains a supplement on useful phrases for business, which will ensure that users have all the language they need to communicate confidently in meetings, when negotiating and when socializing with their colleagues.
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