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Collins Gem Irish Dictionary offers excellent coverage of today's language and usage. Clear presentation and colour layout allow maximum accessibility in a handy, take-anywhere format. Features include: All the latest words in both languages, such as rewritable, wind farm in English, and frithvireas, hipearnasc in Irish. Information on initial mutation. An in-depth Irish grammar supplement. A useful supplement on time, days, months and numbers. Special treatment of key vocabulary items. Clear, colour layout and useful examples Collins Gem Irish Dictionary has been designed to give learners of Irish all the information they need in a handy, take-anywhere format. It includes all the latest words reflecting changes in modern lifestyle, as well as the features you would expect from a Collins dictionary: an easy-to-read colour layout, special treatment of key words such as can, that, faoi, mar, and useful examples. There is a grammar supplement to help you to develop your knowledge of Irish and your confidence in the language and verb tables show all verb forms for the most common regular and irregular Irish verbs. In addition, there is information on initial mutation, time, days, months and numbers.
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