Timesaver - Writing Activities

Autor: Berwick G., Thorne S.  /  Vydavatel: MG-Timesavers
This collection offers a fun and motivating way to stimulate and develop the skill of writing for teenage students of English. A wide variety of different types of writting is included: letters, text messages, postcards, e-mails, diares, online chat room writing, creative writing and more - all designed to appeal to this age group. Elementary/Pre-Intermediate
Dostupnost zboží: Skladem 3 ks
790 Kč s DPH
EAN: 9781900702263
Žánr: Angličtina - Kopírovatelné materiály
Edice: Timesaver - Reading and Writing
Počet stran: 96
Formát: A4
Vazba: kroužková
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Timesaver - Reading and Writing