Timesaver - 40 MORE Combined Skills Lessons for the Common European Framework + CD

Autor: Edwards L.  /  Vydavatel: MG-Timesavers
This photocopiable resource book provides a collection of ready-made skills-based lessons with a functional focus, suitable for secondary school students of an intermediate level. The lessons are fun and motivating. The key language is presented and practised through varied activities such as word puzzles, matching exercises and solving anagrams as well as speaking, listening and writing tasks. - There are 20 reading-based lessons and 20 listening-based lessons, at B1 level. All lessons have vocabulary activities and culminate in speaking and writing tasks. - The 'Can do' checklist at the end of each lesson allows students to check their progress against the Common European Framework descriptors. - Two extra sections provide additional vocabulary activities and test material. - Ideal as a break from your coursebook, providing entertaining and meaningful practice of the four skills.
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Edice: Timesaver - Combined Skills
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Timesaver - Combined Skills