Scholastic - Snuggly Bunny

Autor: Jill Ackerman  /  Vydavatel: Didier
Snuggly Bunny, so close to me. Snuggly Bunny, the world to see. Snuggly Bunny, dream what will be. I love you. LTS: SNUGGLY BUNNY is a board book that includes a removable doll in a cloth "baby carrier" pouch attached to the front cover. The art over three spreads re-creates a child's point of view from traveling in a baby carrier. Introducing Little Scholastic, a developmental publishing program of interactive books created exclusively to give babies and toddlers a head start in learning. Every book features: * Interactive components * High color contrast * Rhyming, repetitive, or predictable text * Familiar subjects and surroundings * Simple concepts * Distinct leveling between the ages of 0-3 years
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EAN: 9780545013789
Žánr: Angličtina - Knihy pro děti
Počet stran: 8
Formát: 215x172
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