Klutz - Mini Pom-Pom Pets (VÝPRODEJ)

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How do kids get critters this small? By making the pom-poms on the prongs of an everyday dinner fork. With our step-by-step Klutz-clear instructions, even a yarn newbie will wind up a pom-pom professional. Kids follow the colour-coded charts as they wrap, tie, and snip the colourful yarn into petite pom-poms. Adding eyes, a nose, ears, a tail, and rosy cheeks (with our special blush marker) gives each tiny pet an outsized personality. Voilà — a zoo of mini critters from froggies, duckies, and piggies to monkeys, lions, and turtles. Pom-Pom Pets are as much fun to make as their canine cousins (and dare we say, a little cuter), and with 20+ animals and 150+ cute punch-out features to choose from, there's bound to be a puffy little pocket-sized pet that's a perfect match for every young pom-pommer. Comes with: 64-page book of instructions; 270 feet of yarn in 8 colours; pre-made mini and super-mini pom-poms; eye and nose beads; punch-out ears, tails, paws, and more; blush marker; wire, glue.
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Žánr: Angličtina - Knihy pro děti
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Formát: 204x230
Vazba: hardback