Klutz - Friendship Pixies (VÝPRODEJ)

Autor: Karen Phillips  /  Vydavatel: OLD-Výprodej-ostatní
Bend some wire to form a body, wrap it with colorful raffia clothing, and add sparkly yarn hair. You’ve just made a friendship pixie! But that’s not all. Each pixie gets a twinkly charm that symbolizes a wish for a friend — useful things like laughter, love, and confidence. Friendship Pixies comes with everything you need to make eight adorable dolls and eight matching gift boxes. Whether you give your pixie as a gift or keep her close to your heart, she’ll radiate a magical combination of sweetness, charm, and encouragement. Comes With: sparkly fuzzy yarn, colorful raffia, round paper beads, covered wire, glittery charms, glitter glue, 8 matchboxes and lids to assemble. For ages 8 and up.
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EAN: 9781592749172
Žánr: Angličtina - Kreativní a výtvarné sady
Počet stran: 53
Formát: 152x240
Vazba: spirála