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After many more days and nights of study, I discovered exactly how life was created. With this knowledge I became the first man in history to have the power to create life from death.’ Tags Science Fiction Fantasy/Horror In this Reader you will find: - Information about Mary Shelley’s life - Sections focusing on background and context - Glossary of difficult words - Comprehension activities - FCE-style activities - Exit test Victor Frankenstein is a young, ambitious scientist who wants to make a better world, but does not understand the consequences of his work. Victor makes great advances in the study of medicine and biology and creates a new species of human being – one that is so terrifying it is known simply as ‘the monster’. In this fantastic adventure story, Victor and the monster fight an epic battle of courage and endurance. This science-fiction masterpiece asks questions about science that we are still asking today. Syllabus Verbs: Present perfect, Past perfect Future tenses including, future perfect Irregular verbs: would for willingness/refusal Third conditional, If clauses (in zero conditional) Used to and would, Phrasal verbs Passive forms, Infinitive constructions Conjunctions: as soon as, but, however, because Determiners: whichever, whatever, whoever etc either, neither, none, both little, some, enough, every, most Sentence types: Relative clauses: embedded,defining Modal Verbs: Will, Might, May Shall, Could, Should Other: Adverbs, Where clauses Phrases with when Before/After clauses
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