ELI - A - Young adult 1 - The Hound of the Baskervilles - readers + CD (VÝPRODEJ)

Autor: A.C. Doyle  /  Vydavatel: OLD-Výprodej-ostatní
Suddenly, in the darkness, there was a terrible, low howl and it came from the moor. ‘The hound!’ cried Holmes.’ Tag Mystery In this Reader you will find: - information about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s life - a section focusing on background and context - a glossary of difficult words - comprehension activities - an exit test An old family document says that everyone who l ivesat Baskerville Hall is in danger from a terrifying animal which lives on Dartmoor. When Sir Charles Baskerville dies in a mysterious way, his nephew, the young Sir Henry Baskerville, comes to live on Dartmoor. Is he in danger too? Is there really a dangerous animal on the moor, or did someone murder Sir Charles? Sherlock Holmes, the world-famous detective, is the only person who can solve the case. Or can he? Even Holmes is worried. Syllabus Articles: a, an, the Nouns: countable and uncountable plural, possessive Pronouns: subject and object, indefinite Quantifiers: some/any, more Adjectives: possessive, opinion Prepositions: place, time, movement Verbs: TENSE, ASPECT, FORM: Present Simple, Present Continuous Past Simple - regular and common irregulars, -ing forms after verbs and prepositions can, must for obligation, need for necessity, imperatives, have got, would like, common phrasal verbs, there is/there are, know think, hope etc + that clause like/don’t like + ing Adverbs: frequency, manner Conjunctions: so, before, after, when
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