Discover Readers - Carnivorous Plants - Teacher´s Pack with Multi-ROM Pal

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Take a closer look at these stunning plants. They are a beautiful sight to our eyes, yet they are one of nature´s predators. They are harmless to people, but really dangerous to insects which land on their "deadly" traps. Learn more about their trapping mechanisms, life cycle, and their nutritional habits through engaging pictures and interesting facts. The Application is compatible with the following operating systems: Microsoft Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 OS X 10.7 or later iOS 6 or later Android 4.2 or later. Because of the large amount of devices with different specs available worldwide it is possible for the end user to run into problems while running the application. We have successfully tested the app on Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Note 2/3, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, LG L90, ASUS Transformer, Sony Xperia Z, Turbo-X Spice IV, Prestigio PAP5044DUO, OTPC.
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