Collins Vocabulary and grammar for the TOEFL Test

Autor: Ingrid Wisniewska  /  Vydavatel: Collins
Collins Vocabulary and Grammar for the TOEFL Test is designed to help students master the vocabulary and grammar that they require to get a high score in the TOEFL test. This book also exposes students to the task types they will encounter in the TOEFL test. There are tips and strategies for how to approach the various test tasks which will enable students to improve their skills, gain confidence, and achieve the score they need. It is ideal for use alongside Collins Skills for the TOEFL iBT Test: Reading and Writing and Collins Skills for the TOEFL iBT Test: Speaking and Listening. Collins Vocabulary and Grammar for the TOEFL Test features: • An overview of each part of the TOEFL test • Twenty thematically-organised units of vocabulary, & twenty units of grammar practice, identifying the key grammar points most needed in each part of the test • MP3 audio CD • Full audio script and answer key – ideal for use in the classroom and for self-study • Academic word list – a useful reference tool containing the key vocabulary students need for the TOEFL test Each unit is laid out in a clear, easy-to-follow style with practice activities and guidance to enable efficient practice for the TOEFL test. Each unit contains: • Overview – for quick reference on the core vocabulary or g grammar of the unit • Study tips – to help students to remember what they have learned and improve their study technique • Test practice activities – set in the style that students will encounter them in the test, to help familiarize students with all aspects of the test • Test tips – useful tips to help students improve their performance on Test day • Vocabulary building feature – to increase students’ lexical ability
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