Collins Hotel & Hospitality English (incl. 2 audio CDs)

Autor: Mike Seymour  /  Vydavatel: Collins
This unique self-study course is for elementary-level adults who need English for the hospitality industry, such as workers in hotels and restaurants. Ideal for front-line staff who need to communicate confidently in English to maintain good customer relations. *24 compact units cover a wide range of practical scenarios, such as meeting and greeting guests, taking orders at breakfast and at the bar, handling guest complaints and dealing with guest requests. *4-page unit includes an easy-to-follow photo story that deals with the topic of the unit and introduces key functional language. *The course book also contains vocabulary lists for quick reference, practical examples of typical emails, an answer key and a pronunciation guide to further aid the self-study learner. *The audio CD provides valuable listening practice to accompany each unit.
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EAN: 9780007431984
Žánr: Angličtina - Odborná literatura
Edice: Collins - English for Work
Počet stran: 158
Formát: 245x190
Vazba: paperback
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Collins - English for Work
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