Collins Easy Learning English Verbs (VÝPRODEJ)

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Collins Easy Learning English Verbs is an accessible guide to English verbs. With simple explanations of English verbs and the way they work, this book will prove indispensable for anyone who wants to improve their knowledge of English verbs. Using clear explanations and examples, all the essential grammar of verbs, such as tense and aspect, is covered. This book also provides a detailed look at verbs which are especially important or difficult to learn, such as phrasal verbs, irregular verbs, and primary and modal auxiliary verbs. Each point is described in a user-friendly format, with corpus examples that show how English is really used today.
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EAN: 9780009100803
Žánr: Angličtina - Gramatika a slovní zásoba
Počet stran: 248
Formát: 192x130
Vazba: paperback