Career Paths University Studies - TB+SB+CD with Cros s-Platform Application

Autor: Virginia Evans, Jenny Dooley, Veronica Garza  /  Vydavatel: Express Publishing s.a.
Career Paths: University Studies is a new educational resource for university students who want to improve their English communication in a campus environment. Incorporating career specific vocabulary and contexts, each unit offers step-by-step instruction that immerses students in the four key language components: reading, listening, speaking and writing. Career Paths: University Studies addresses topics including applications, class registration, tuition and fees, withdrawals and housing. The series is organized into three levels of difficulty and offers a minimum of 400 vocabulary terms and phrases. Every unit includes a test of reading comprehension, vocabulary and listening skills and leads students through written and oral production. Included Features A variety of realistic reading passages Career-specific dialogues 45 reading and listening comprehension checks Over 400 vocabulary terms and phrases Guided speaking and writing exercises Complete glossary of terms and phrases The Teacher´s Guide contains detailed lesson plans, a full answer key and audio scripts. The audio CDs contain all recorded material. Books 1-3 of Career Paths: University Studies are rated for the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages at A1, A2 and B1 respectively.
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