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What is a presentation? Presentations describe, narrate, persuade or communicate ideas. Presentation skills are necessary for personal and professional development. Why do we give presentations? We give presentations to: ?ˇ describe a product, an invention, a place, people ?ˇ narrate an experience, a story, a myth, a fable, an event ?ˇ persuade by presenting arguments for & against an issue, expressing our opinion on an issue, stating a problem & suggesting solutions, political discussions, campaigns etc. ?ˇ communicate in panels, debates, conferences etc. How do we structure a presentation? A presentation consists of a(n): ?ˇ Introduction, in which we greet the audience, present ourselves and the topic. ?ˇ Main body, in which we present the main points. ?ˇ Conclusion, in which we summarise the main points, invite questions from the audience and thank the audience for listening to us. We can sometimes get feedback from the audience. Presentation Skills is a unique supplementary component that accompanies each course. It helps learners develop their public speaking skills. Public speaking is more than just a talent. It is a skill that can be learnt and developed. Presentation skills ensures that students become memorable speakers!. Key Features ?ˇ a comprehensive introduction to the essential elements of a presentation ?ˇ age-appropriate models for analysis and use as a springboard for communication ?ˇ effective techniques to help students develop and organize their presentations ?ˇ useful tips to support and guide students ?ˇ a detailed teacher?fs book with fully-developed suggested answers for all tasks
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